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Kahlil oliver/


A true creative, Kahlil Oliver's interest in hair came organically, at an early age in Baltimore, MD. It was here that his inspiration grew through his love for fashion magazines and classic films. Kahlil's passion for all things hair quickly led him to a local salon, where he began styling at the age of 17. His keen insight on emerging trends fused with his wealth of original concepts quickly earned him respect and acclaim from fellow stylist and critics aloke paving his path to becoming a successful salon owner.


It wasn't long before Kahlil moved to Los Angeles, CA in 2008, where his artistic viewpoint evolved as he worked alongside some of the industy's leadingsession stylist. Cultivating his ability to fluidly execute vivid editorials, thus creating art through hair. Kahlil quickly branched into music videos, lending his talents to recording artist such as Jamie Foxx, Andre 3000, T.I. and Daddy Yankee. In addition,  His styling insights have also been seen during NY Fashion Week as well as the Kera Care hair product advertising campaign.  Kahlil's contributions to publications such as Vanity Fair Italy, Ebony, Faint and Bella magazines are further exhibits of his creative impact. Kahlil's reputation is one of a young hair stylist with a wealth of knowledge, professionalism and creativity that goes far beyond his years.

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